Farmer’s Notes 1-31-09

We have had quite the spectrum of weather this week; the sleet and snow probably protected our outdoor crops from some of the worst cold, although it’s hard to tell, since they are still under the ice. Indoors we had a decent week, although the snow and sleet made the greenhouse pretty dark for the first 4 days of the week, which is never good for plant growth. On the other hand, we’ve had lots of sunshine the last couple of days, along with some nice warm temperatures, and you can almost see the Pac Choi and spinach growing. Our daylight is getting longer, and briter; 10hrs 20mins of daylight today, which means things are growing faster, and we are on the road to spring. We got the new (to us) greenhouse furnace operating last weekend, which was just in time to keep our temperatures in the greenhouse up last week. All of this adds up to: new greens in the basket in two more weeks, and hopefully a lot more by the end of February, if we get lots of sunshine.Meanwhile, we’ve been planning and purchasing for the summer garden. I’ve made my seed order up, and have been testing all of last years seeds to be sure they are still good. I’ve drawn up a partial list of short term and long term goals for this year, in terms of construction, ground renovations, etc. We’ve also been cutting a lot of wood, and feeding the fire in the greenhouse a lot, which is good practice for March, when we keep the greenhouse much warmer so we can start all those heat loving seedlings. All in all, it was a productive week, although I’m ready for the snow to melt so it’s not so difficult to work outside. On the other hand, all too soon it will be summer and 110 degrees outside, and I’ll be thinking fondly of snowy winter days. Enjoy it while we’ve got it.

For those interested, we have a core group meeting Monday, February 2, 7pm at the farm. We’ll be discussing the upcoming summer CSA, long-term farm goals, ideas for community outreach, and other interesting stuff.

Thank you for letting us be your farmers, Curtis

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