April 4 Harvest & Farm Update

It’s a windy day here on the farm, with gusts that threaten to blow over and unwary individual. So far, no serious damage from the intense winds we’ve been having this spring; it seems like we’ve been wind tested from every direction this year. Some days we find brush and the occasional wayward piece of rowcover against the east fence, the next time it’s in the trees to the north of the garden, and today everything’s moving west. The only damage that I’m aware of today is to our plastic mulch. Sarah and I laid plastic mulch on about 20 beds in the garden this week, and three of them lost their plastic this morning. Fortunately, they are beds where we haven’t planted anything yet, but it’s a little frustrating to see that hard work undone. Tristan, Ben, Logan, and I tried to put some of the plastic back on while the wind blew, and ended up making things worse. At one point three of us were holding on to the plastic, approximately 3’x100′, and were just about yanked off our feet by a particularly strong gust. we decided that damage control was the best option, so we let the wind remove that plastic and just weighted down the other loose pieces so they wouldn’t take out any plants if they went whipping across the field. Anyway, the wind is still blowing, and I’m getting firsthand experience of why so many pioneers on the prairie went insane after months of intense spring wind. On the upside, we transplanted kale and kohlrabi yesterday, and lots of broccoli and cabbage last week, so we have lots of stuff in the ground growing, along with some tomatoes, melons, and lettuce we planted in the greenhouse this week for tomatoes in May (we hope).

The workday was lightly attended, but those who were there worked like heroes.  Seedlings were seeded, veggies were harvested, greenhouses were worked on, and wind was endured. Thanks to those who attended. If you  haven’t been out to help yet this spring, you are missing out on a great time. We could use help Wednesday, Friday, or next Saturday if any of those days work for you.

If you’re in the core group there is a meeting at the farm 7p.m. Monday the 6th (this monday). We’ll be preparing for the CSA kick-off meeting on the 21st, and working on details of the between seasons bonfire/party.

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Today’s harvest includes;
Tatsoi (little spoon shaped greens)
bundle of asian greens (mostly mizuna, with some other greens)
mustard greens (one bundle of giant green mustard)
bundle of swiss chard
bag of baby lettuce
easter egg radishes (one week early)
sweet potatoes
jerusalem artichokes
green onions

Cheese share: Lemon cheese crumbles

Bread share: light rye

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