The Future of Food

I just watched “The Future of Food.” If you needed any reasons to question what is going on with genetically modified food, this film will provide several. Here’s a little gem: “Monsanto corn is itself registered as a pesticide, because each cell is genetically modified to produce a toxin; if a corn bore worm eats the corn, it will die.”

The film focused on patent issues – the tight control of genetically modified plants and seeds, and patent infringement – and related issues such as cross pollination, how farmers worldwide are impacted by farming practices in North America, the denigration of any research that questions the safety of genetically modified food, the decrease in intellectual diversity that accompanies a decrease in genetic diversity (in the 19th century there were 5,000 varieties of potatoes grown worldwide; now only 4 types of potatoes are widely grown), and the consolidation of our food supply and our entire agricultural system (for example, the seed industry has been almost entirely bought up by the pesticide industry). 
As usual with this type of documentary, I was left wanting to know more. I was pleased to discover that there is an educational edition of the film that includes a year long college level companion curriculum, for $200. Would any members or friends of the CSA be interested in chipping to purchase this, and watch/discuss it as a group?
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