July 28 harvest

Todays harvest should include:
yellow squash
bell peppers

Looks like it might be yet another wet harvest day, but no complaints here, I’d rather be in the rain than 100 degree heat anyday. All this rain has been great for germinating more lettuce, carrots, etc. That’s an unexpected luxury in July, and has set us up for a great fall season, and has kept the future storage crops like sweet potatoes and pumpkins growing like crazy. I’m working on the details of the winter season of the CSA, and hope to have the invitation to join ready by the first or second week of August. We will have a couple of new high tunnels (unheated greenhouses) for this fall and winter if everything goes well in the next few weeks, which should boost our capacity for winter production significantly. We went to see Food Inc. last night, and it is an excellent movie which lays out many of the problems with industrial agriculture, while also offering examples of the alternative. We’ll have coupons for $3 off admission at the pick-up this afternoon. Also at pick-up, our freezers are stuffed full of fresh beef, pork, and chicken. We need to make some space, so we can be more organized, and so we are offering Ground Beef for $3.50/lb, more than a dollar off of the regular price. If you have not yet tried our pastured chicken, let me encourage you to do so; it comes with a guarantee to be the tastiest chicken you’ve ever had, not to mention the healthiest and most humanely raised. As always, if you are not one hundred percent satisfied with our food, we will gladly replace or refund. One final sales pitch: we will be purchasing our turkeys next week for harvest at Thanksgiving so if you would like to celebrate this fall with an exceptionally tasty bird, reserve one soon to be sure we raise one for your family. Thanks for letting me be your farmer. See you this afternoon.


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One Response to July 28 harvest

  1. Steve Kirks says:


    My wife and I came out on Tuesday to see you and the farm after dumping our “factory food” on our good-natured neighbors. We’ve got a freezer full of real food now and looking forward to getting more.

    I’d like to reserve a turkey for Thanksgiving, so if you could email me details, I’d appreciate it. My email is in the comment…

    Steve Kirks

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