August 4 harvest

Today’s harvest should include:
Yellow squash
bell peppers
banana peppers
green beans
large tomatoes
cherry tomatoes
red and yellow onions
chinese red noodle beans

Sweet corn

greenhouse melons, either sun jewell or Petit Gris De Rennes

Fruit share is Peaches
Cheese share is sheep Gouda
Bread share is potato bread

Looks like it’s going to be a scorcher, sunny and 94, hopefully we can get everything harvested this morning, so we can avoid being out in the field in the afternoon heat.  I’m still working out the details of the winter CSA, and should have that finalized by next week. When I have that all ironed out, all CSA Members will get an e-mail to that effect, with details and membership applications.  Otherwise things are pretty tame on the farm these days, although we do have two pigs we are having a hard time containing, who keep forcing their way through and under fences, and then taking walks in the garden… We call one porkchop and the other bacon, as pigs which are difficult to fence in are the first choice to go to butcher.  The crops enjoyed that recent cool weather, and are now hunkering down to endure the heat.  We’ll be doing lots of irrigation this week and next, it looks like.  Got to go harvest, see you this afternoon.

Karen, queen of the tomatoes

Karen, queen of the tomatoes

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