Harvest for August 11

This week’s harvest should include, if we don’t sink too deep in the mud trying to get it out of the field:

Cherry tomatoes
Edamame (edible soybeans)
yellow squash
bell pepper
chinese red noodle beans
banana peppers
jalapenos or anaheim peppers
green beans

On an unrelated note, we will be featured on Congressman Roy Blunt’s Ag tour tomorrow, which means that a little after 10a.m. the congressman will arrive on the farm, with about 70 members of the media in two tour buses.  They will be here approximately 30 minutes, during which time we’ll have a chance to introduce them to the concept of Community supported agriculture, and answer a few questions before they pile back on the bus and move along to the next stop.  It looks like it will probably be raining, which ought to be interesting, since we’ve never tried to put 70 people under the farmstand, let alone talk to them at the same time. Anyway, it’ll be a fun opportunity to let more people know about CSA, and mention a couple of ways that federal government could assist in building local ag (namely get out of the way, and stop subsidizing large industrial agriculture).  Mainly though, just a chance to show off the positive things going on in local agriculture here in the Ozarks.  Anyway, we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

melons in wheelbarrow

Kevin with Juliets (tomatoes)

Kevin with Juliets (tomatoes)

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