Harvest, December 1, 2009

In today’s harvest;

Pac Choi in late November in high tunnel

Baby Lettuce mix
Asian Greens braising mix
Japanese Turnips (golf-ball sized super sweet white turnips, the greens are great as well as the roots)
Lunar white carrots
Green onions
Pac Choi (nice sized heads for stir frying)
Baby arugula
Hailstone radishes
Spaghetti squash

This week marks the beginning of our very slow growth time.  Sometimes referred to as the persephone period, this is the time when the days are shortest (reducing until the winter solstice on December 21).  This often coincides with the beginning of the cold weather of winter.  This week promises to deliver both, with much colder temperatures than we have been enjoying, coupled with short days and cloud cover, and maybe even a little snow.  The result, from the farm’s perspective, is drastically slowed growth, usually for around 6 weeks. Most of our crops, with the exception of lettuce, don’t much mind the cold, but the dark affects everything. Lettuce will continue to be high quality until it gets below 20, and then it will have brown edges, and eventually start dying overall.  We have some lettuce in the greenhouse, which is our insurance, but there is a limited space inside, so we hope for clear days to keep the lettuce in the greenhouse growing fast, to replenish between cuttings. Other crops will survive as long as it doesn’t get much below 15, but they will be growing very slowly, if at all.   All this adds up to some changes in your CSA share over the next few weeks. We will have a gradual reduction in greens, until our christmas break, and then we will start seeing the results of the lengthening days around the end of January.  It’s all part of eating seasonally.  I hope you’ve been enjoying the diversity of the winter harvest; we enjoy providing it, and have enjoyed eating our share each week. Please remember that this week is a meat share week, if you’ve got a meat share, please bring your cooler to the pick-up.  We’ll see you this afternoon.

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  1. Melody Moore says:

    The turnips were delicious! I boiled them with the white carrots and added a dollop of butter before serving. Simple, plain, and even I liked them!

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