Traditional Swedish Cardamon Bread– made with my mom’s families recipe that has been handed down.  Now Christmas would be lacking something if I did not have an abundance of this around for my family.  It is excellent toasted with a strong cup of coffee!

In Today’s Harvest;
Pac Choi; a little frost damaged, but trim it and stir fry it, and it will be great.
Japanese turnips
Baby Lettuce
Baby Spinach
Celeriac (also known as celery root) -This is the first time we’ve grown this, and I’ll try to get a couple of recipes up on the blog
Head of lettuce (your choice of variety)
Candy onions
Baby Chard
Winter squash
Braeburn Apples
Baby Arugula

Remember, there will be no pickup next week or the week after; December 29 and January 5th.  We will resume distribution on January 12.  This includes meat shares, which will be ready to pick  January 12. We’ll see you this afternoon, if you ordered a Christmas Turkey remember to pick that up too!

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  1. Rachel says:

    I was thinking the bread had a little cardamon- just knew it was something super special like that! It was delicious, thank you for sharing your family tradition!

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