Farmer Curtis is in the News

Curtis has been working with our local elementry school, Pleasant View,
one day a week during the school year. The News Leader did a nice set of articles on his work.  They got off to a slow start because the greenhouse was not ready at the start of school.  Now that it is fully functioning chef Rob Corliss and Curtis have been working with the kids to sample some of the fruit of their labors. Here is the link to the three articles that was printed in this Sunday’s paper

Submitted by Sarah Millsap

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  1. Josh Goeke says:

    I was so excited to see this article in the news. I am very interested in what our church might be able to do to help bring the farm classroom to the elementary schools in Center City Springfield, mainly Boyd, Weaver, McGregor, and Campbell, but also Central High School or anywhere else this might be possible! This seems like such a good thing!

    I’m also stoked to participate in the Millsap CSA this summer!

    Please feel free to shoot me an email:

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