Harvest, May 18, 2010

Todays harvest will include:

Baby Lettuce

Swiss chard

Early Wonder beets with tops

Cherry Belle Radishes

Head lettuce (Jericho or Magenta)

Kale (Red Russian or Vates Blue Curled)

Mizuna (japanese green which is mild and sweet, with lacey leaves, makes a good salad (think sort of like slaw), or cooked green,)

Cheese share is Curds

Bread share is Sunflower bread

Fruit share is a box of Strawberries from Curtis Cox

Coming next week: Summer Squash and Japanese Turnips.

We also have, for the first time ever, chicken by the piece.  We had 200 of our pastured broilers butchered by Aurora Grand Meat last Friday, and we have fresh and frozen breasts, leg/thighs, wings, Livers, hearts, and stock bags (made up of backs and necks, for making chicken stock).   We’ve never offered chicken cut-up before, but since we were having these done at the butcher, instead of at the farm, we thought we’d try getting some cut up, and see how you all like it.  Of course, the price is a bit more to cover the cost of cutting up, and to reflect the fact that many people prefer the breasts over other cuts, but if convenience is what you’re after, this may be the way you want to purchase your chicken.  The reason we had these done at the butcher is that it allows us to market it to grocery stores and restuarants, which means that our chicken is now available at the north side (Campbell) Mama Jean’s market.  If you’re in the neighborhood and need meat, you can now purchase the same wholesome, tasty chicken you’ve grown to love, more conveniently than driving to the farm.    Meanwhile, if you are heading to the farm this afternoon, and want some chicken, remember to bring your cooler.

See you at the farm,


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