Harvest for June 1, 2010

In todays harvest we expect the following;
Broccoli (mostly Pacman with some Premium crop)
Summer Squash (Early prolific straightneck)
Baby Greens mix (beet greens, spinach, lettuce, mustard, mizuna, kale, tatsoi, etc.)
Japanese turnips or Radishes
Blue curled Kale
Broccoli Raab
Summer Boy Pac Choi

Fruit share: Blueberries from Ozark Mountain Orchard

Bread Share: Marketplace Bread, baked by my mom, as Sarah is out of town for the day

Cheese share; Sharp cheddar

Remember today is meat share day, so if you have a meat share, please bring your cooler.

The weather has been great for most of the veggies; Eggplant, Pepper, tomatoes, squash, all love this kind of heat. The lettuce is hanging in there so far, although we’ll see how long that can last. All in all it’s a little warmer than you expect in the end of May, but as long as the weather continues to be alternating warm with a little rain, we should be headed for some nice early veggies. If you’ve never seen string trellised Tomatoes and cucumbers, be sure to take a look inside the greenhouse sometime soon; they are quite a sight to see, and growing like crazy.

You may see a couple of new faces around the farm; Jack and Valerie and their daughters have joined us for the season to apprentice on the farm, and so you will be working with them on workshare days, and they’ll most likely be at the pick-up most days as well. They’re great folks, and we are thrilled to have them on the farm.

I’ll see you this afternoon between 4 and 6.

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