harvest for June 29, 2010

In todays harvest we’ll have

Japanese Turnips (the last for a while, enjoy them while we’ve got them)

Summer Squash

Chinese Cucumbers

Green beans

Cucumbers (probably a choice again between the long, seedless chinese variety, and the more typical thick-skinned american slicer)

Head Lettuce





Head Lettuce


New Potatoes (probably irish cobbler variety)

Next week:  the first tomatoes

Fruit share is Blueberries again, probably the last time before we start with peaches next week.

Bread share is Swedish Rye

Next week is meat share, if you are still interested in this, but haven’t checked it out or signed up, either click the link on the blog, or take a brochure when you are at the pick-up today.   We would still like to sign up about 10 more people for a meat share.   We also have a few shares of veggies left, so if you know anyone who is interested, be sure to encourage them to call or come with you to check it out.

I have only had one response to my inquiry about setting up a drop-off point at Home Grown foods, so I’ll assume unless I hear more from others that it’s a no-go for now.   I would think that we would need at least 10 people to make that worthwhile and efficient.

Hope you’re enjoying the cooler weather, I know we are.   It’s nice to work outside all day without feeling like you’re going to melt.   The veggies are also enjoying the rain, which we were in bad need of.   As always, thanks for letting us be your farmers.


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