Harvest for December 7, 2010

in tomorrows harvest expect;
Beets (perfect for the Borcht recipe which Sarah posted to the blog this weekend)
Head lettuce

North pole lettuce in the tunnel in November

Baby arugula
Winter squash
bok choy
Japanese Turnips
Green onions
Vitamin Green asian green (large leafy green, with juicy stems, good for stir fry or adding to soups, etc.)
Bell peppers
Purple top turnips
potatoes (Organic Yukon Gold, purchased in bulk from Colorado farms, since our potato harvest was dismal this year, and our potatoes are all gone)
We are going to start wrapping up our pick-up at about 5:20, as it’s getting very dark and cold to be in the greenhouse by then…  If you haven’t picked up by then, we’ll box your share up and put it in the cooler with your name,  or “extra share” written on the box.  in light of this, it will help us a lot if you be sure to check your name off the list as you pick up, so we can be sure that we don’t make up an extra share for you if you’ve already picked up.    Please don’t feel like you have to rush to be there before this happens; we’ll pick out very nice produce for your box, and we always want to be sure you have a share, we are just getting cold waiting for an hour in the dark, and this will allow us to keep our commitment in terms of when you can pick up, while also not freezing our fingers (and other vital parts) off.  Thanks for your understanding. Curtis
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