Harvest February 8, 2011

The storm last week impacted us in two ways;  it knocked down one of our greenhouses, the 20×50 home built one, and it buried any produce still in the fields under a thick layer of snow.   The greenhouse, or high tunnel as we call them, was seemingly a total loss.

high tunnel brought down by the snow.

The crops under the snow are probably just fine, although we still can’t get to them, because there is still so much snow.    All this to say, we will have a slightly diminished harvest tomorrow, as we can’t get to the spinach under the collapsed tunnel, and we can’t get to the turnips and onions under the snow.   I think what we still have in the cooler for turnips and onions will suffice, but we pick the spinach each week,  and so I think we will have no spinach tomorrow.   With that in mind,here is the run down of tomorrows harvest;



Salad Greens Mix

Butternut squash

Green Onions

Turnips, two kinds


Yukon Gold Potatoes from Colorado (due to a crop failure on our farm this summer)

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow, please be careful in the driveway, it’s still got a coat of snow.



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