Harvest for February 15, 2011

The harvest for today should include;
Japanese Turnips
Senposai (or other asian cooking greens)
Baby salad mix
green onions (a bit worse for the extreme cold last week, but still tasty).
butternut squash
The snow is finally melting, although we still have a lot hanging around on the farm in the ditches and shady spots.   This warm weather is exactly what we need to get good harvests out of our late winter crops in the greenhouse.   Meanwhile, we are still planting lots of things in the greenhouses, and if the weather drys the ground out soon, then we’ll be planting outside soon as well.   This week we’ll be planting carrots, spinach, lettuce, kale, and radishes in the high tunnel.
Also, we are getting a steady flow of CSA sign-ups for the summer share, but we need more members still. If you know someone who has wanted to join the CSA in the past, please let them know,  and forward them the address for the sign-up info  www.millsapfarms.wordpress.com
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