Today’s harvest, and new faces on the farm

In today’s harvest, we have the following;

Japanese Turnips, a new crop of these delightful salad turnips from the greenhouse

Kale, mostly Winterbor, with some Redbor

Swiss chard

Head Lettuce, Flame variety

Green onions




winter carrots fresh from the field


Butternut Squash

You’ll notice some new faces around the farm these days; our new class of apprentices have arrived on the farm this week.  We’ve got a wonderful crew, who are eager to help out, and eager to learn.  If you’ve got the time, I encourage you to get to know them.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Hey there. We’d like to do the summer share and have submitted an application, but I hadn’t heard back yet about the question I left in the comment field and am waiting to pay the deposit until that question is answered. Could you have someone contact me by email or phone?


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