Harvest, March 29, 2011

In today’s harvest, you’ll find;


tunnel moved, putting up hoops to protect baby greens and radishes


Baby Lettuce

Swiss Chard

Butternut Squash

Green Onions

Japanese Turnips


Head Lettuce

It’s been a busy week on the farm, with enough dry soil last thursday and friday to get several beds prepped and then planted or seeded.  We set out another 3,600 onion plants, a few hundred Kohlrabi transplants, beets, and kale, and seeded tatsoi, pac choi, baby lettuce, Mizuna, and radishes.  We also moved our number 2 hightunnel to it’s new location, and planted some raspberry plants in the big tunnel.   All mixed in with soil blocking several thousand new seedlings in the greenhouse, and removing spent salad crops from the greenhouse to make room for early tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.   It was a busy week, one of many to come as the season picks up momentum.  If you’re picking up at the farm today, you might enjoy taking a peek at the seedling table in the greenhouse;  it’s pretty exciting to see a whole seasons worth of plants, which will eventually inhabit 5 acres worth of beds, jammed onto a 5×60 table.   Hope to see you today, and keep praying for dry weather, so we can get the rest of our outdoor planting done.



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