Harvest April 5, 2011

In tomorrows harvest

Japanese Turnips

Head Lettuce

green onions ready to go


Green Onions



Butternut squash


In addition to delicious vegetables, we are also selling compost from the farm again this spring.  The compost comes from Black Oak Organics, in Versailles, and they produce it by composting food waste from places like Cox Health, Missouri State University, Drury, and area restuarants, with wood chips and sawdust.  The finished product is some great compost,which we used last year as our primary soil amendment, and were very pleased with.   We are using it again this year, and also offering it for sale to the public for $20/cubic yard.  We estimate this to be three scoops with our tractor bucket, and a typical full-size pick-up will hold about two and a half yards.   So if you want compost, bring out your truck, and we’ll be glad to load you up.   We’ll see you tomorrow at the farm or Homegrown.



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