Taste and Science at the Discovery Center

We will be at the Discovery Center tomorrow night for the, Taste and Science at the Discovery Center program.  This program will focus on the science behind the way our palettes work.  It will incorporate hands on, learning as well!  Chef Rob Corliss will be teaching, you will get to taste many things as part of the learning .  They still have tickets available.  Check out this short piece that was done by the local news Ozark First http://ozarksfirst.com/fulltext?nxd_id=441267&watch=1&shr=addthis

At http://www.discoverycenter.org/WhatsNew/SpecialEvents.htm you can find out more about this event.  It says Thursday, April 21, 2011 – Science Behind Building Flavor 6:30-9:00pmExplore how the selection of ingredients, basic tastes, aromas, textures and other components can create recipes with depth, complexity and character. Whether you are a casual cook wanting to learn how to add a little zing to your meals for family and friends, or if you are a true “foodie” wanting to hone your cooking skills, Science Behind Building Flavors can help you learn more. Presented by Chef Rob Corliss, founder of All Things Epicurean.

Also experience local flavors from Copper Run Distillery and Millsap Farm. Copper Run Distillery owner Jim Blansit will use his artisan products to make a signature cocktail from his moonshine whisky distilled right here in the Ozarks. Come and experience a night of flavor and fun at the Discovery Center! $20 per person. Pre-registration and Pre-payment required. Must be 21 or older to attend. Call Guest Services to register at 417-862-9910 Ext 706.

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