Fresh means Local!

Fresh means Local
These days, “fresh” seems to mean fresh off the truck from California, and “local” is anything east of the Rockies and west of the Atlantic.  For us, fresh means that the produce we hand-picked at 7 in the morning is at your door by 7 in the evening. Furthermore, we grow only the best-tasting varieties, not commercial varieties bred to withstand machine harvesting, a 2000-mile journey in the back of a semi, and a 3-week shelf life. Our vegetables travel a mere 10 miles to reach your table the same day they are picked. This means they taste far better, and have far more nutrition, than anything you’ll find in a store or restaurant.
Our commitment is to provide you with a selection of produce that varies from week to week, but your box will always be full to the brim with produce at the peak of its season.

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3 Responses to Fresh means Local!

  1. melodyblairmoore says:

    Love the carrot-eating photo!

  2. Joel says:

    Great to see what you all have been working on. If nothing else, I love the beard, overalls and hat, Curits!

  3. peter block says:

    It always made me sigh when Wendy’s would claim it had “Fresh, never frozen beef”. Huh? Unless you have the cow out back, then that beef had better be frozen for the truck ride. Subway’s “eat fresh” is another terrible example. Yours is fresh, I have seen it and eaten it.

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