Bring in the Harvest 5-24-11

Greetings from the waterlogged farm.  We have no damage from the recent storms, other than waterlogged plants and slow growth from no sunshine.  We are doing what we can to fill the shares, but I must say it is the most challenging start to a season we’ve ever had.  Normally by this time of year we are overwhelmed by leafy greens, summer squash, beets, radishes, etc.  This year we’ve barely been able to get those things in the ground, and they’ve often just sat there in the mud once we do, waiting for more sun, less rain, and more warmth to grow.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this trying season. On the upside, we have almost twice the greenhouse space that we’ve ever had before, and it is starting to pay off, with zucchini being harvested this week, tomatoes within three weeks, peppper plants setting fruit, and eggplant blooming, all despite weather that has been making our ducks very happy.  I look forward to seeing you at the pick up.
In today’s harvest we have the following;
Salad Greens
Head Lettuce
Green onions
Bean Sprouts

Fruit share is strawberries, conventionally raised by Fassnight Creek Farm in Springfield

Seeded Honey Whole Wheat Bread


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