Help us Help Joplin with fresh food!


Greetings fellow veggie lovers! My name is Melissa Millsap, I am farmer Curtis’ sister-n-law. My husband Adam and I own Urban Roots Farm, a small farm in West Central neighborhood, just getting up and running. We also work with Springfield Urban Agriculture Coalition that is currently installing 10 school yard gardens within the Springfield R-12 School District.

After the devastating tornado last Sunday evening in Joplin, we, as I am sure all of you have been asking ourselves, “what can I do to help these families?” The first feeling we had was to get in the car and go! Just go, be there; take clothes, donate blood and help pick up the pieces! Then after calming down and thinking rationally, we came to a conclusion about what we could offer. FOOD, REAL GOOD FOOD. Between Urban Roots Farm, the four functioning school gardens and Millsap Farms, we realized we’ve got a lot to offer. When I asked Curtis about giving you, his CSA members, the option to “opt out” of your share for next week, he became really excited. We all know what healthy food means. Most of these families have been blessed with meals all week. However, they have been eating things like hot dogs and pre-packaged meals. The thought of providing some of these families and clean-up crews a delicious, freshly-harvested meal that was not only made with love but grown with good intentions is  something we can realistically provide by pulling together. These meals will not only fill bellies but warm a few hearts and allow those in need to enjoy a few minutes and savor a fresh meal.

If you are interested in contributing by donating your share next week, please inform Farmer Curtis by Monday, May  30th via email  We will be gathering all of the produce in a delivering truck—(graciously donated by Homegrown Food store )— and delivering it Wednesday morning.  We’ve been able to find two locations that are cooking meals and that are able to take the produce to incorporate into healthy meals for the families they are serving:

Calvary Baptist Church: Housing families and cooking three warm meals per day for families and workers.

New Creation Church: This location is cooking two warm meals a day for families and workers.

These two churches have expressed their thankfulness, excitement and graciousness to us for offering such great food. We wish you would have been able to hear the excitement in their voice once they heard we wanted to donate fresh food. “FRESH?! Not from a can?!” WOW!!

In times of devastation and loss our friends and neighbors in Joplin need our help. This is one small way you can help. For any questions, please call Melissa or Curtis Millsap.


Melissa Millsap (417) 827-7046

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