Harvest Recap 6-7-11

After several weeks of scant harvests, the bounty of summer is upon us! We had a wonderful variety of spring and summer vegetables in our CSA shares this week thanks to the warm, sunny weather and our large crew of enthusiastic volunteers who helped us bring it all in on Tuesday.

Today’s shares included:

Kale (Dino and Red Russian)


Head Lettuce

Salad Mix

Japanese Turnips

Zucchini (Both green and white varieties)

Broccoli (lots!)

Onions (Both red and white varieties)

Snow peas (yay!)

Komatsuna (This is a new vegetable for us – a beautiful purple Asian green that we’re loving already)

Joy Choi

Kohlrabi (So sweet and delicious!)

Bean Sprouts



This week’s fruit share was over a pound of sublimely ripe red strawberries; the bread share was delicious Oatmeal bread. The eggs, as usual, come from happy free-range hens. All in all, it was a good week to be a CSA member.

Last week’s donation of food to Joplin was a great success, and was warmly received by the people staying in shelters, who have been living off of corn dogs and hamburgers. At one of the churches to which we delivered, a chef was on hand to transform our donations into a delicious, nutritious meal. At the other church, Sarah Millsap and Ame Hunter prepared roast root vegetables and other tasty dishes. Thank you to everyone who donated their share to help our neighbors in Joplin.

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