12 Great Things to do with Greens

For those of you who face the myriad greens in your weekly shares with a bit of bewilderment (“What the heck do I do with chard?”), you’re not alone. Helpfully, the New York Times has put together a guide to 12 interesting salads that can be made with almost all of the greens we produce. It includes kale, chard, arugula, various lettuces, spinach, collards and mesclun (aka salad mix), as well as some others that we don’t grow like watercress and others like dandelion which we do grow, but not intentionally. You can also substitute in some of our more esoteric greens (mizuna for spinach, senposai for collards, komatsuna and pak choi for chard, etc.) to keep yourself in tasty salads all season long.

Delicious-looking, aren't they?

Hopefully this will give you fresh, interesting ideas for how to use up those greens!

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