Katie’s Favorite Sandwich

Until I started farming, I don’t think I’d ever knowingly eaten arugula. I mean, I’m sure someone snuck some in on me at some point, in a restaurant salad or whatnot, but arugula was not really on my radar.

What a difference a year-and-some-change makes!

I’ve been waiting for months for the arugula to really come on, just so that I can start making my favorite sandwich again. Invented one night by the “use what’s left in the fridge” method, this sandwich checks all the boxes for me – sweet, salty, spicy, nutty, cheesy, gooey, crunchy, and yummy. Here’s what you need:

A loaf of good sandwich bread. (If you don’t have one, I suggest you stop by Homegrown Foods and pick one up. Preferably one that I made. Not that I’m biased.)

Arugula, washed, and possibly with the stem-ier bits removed

Apple butter

Good cheese, thinly sliced (cheddar, colby, jack, mozzarella, chevre or whatever suits you)


Heat up a pan (I like cast iron for this).

In the meantime, assemble your sandwich.

Spread the bread with apple butter, top with cheese, top with arugula, top with more cheese (I justify this by saying it helps the sandwich hold together but really, I just want more cheese), and finish with another slice of apple butter-slathered bread.

Now (and this is the secret to a really good grilled cheese, taught to me by a friend who can cook exactly one thing: the world’s best grilled cheese sandwich), lightly spread the outside of both slices of bread with the mayonnaise. Not butter, mayonnaise.

Pan grill until the bread is crispy and golden on the outside and the cheese is gooey on the inside.


Soon, you too will dream of arugula.

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