At last, the 10-day forecast we’ve been praying for for weeks now. Months maybe. It’s all baked together in my memory.

While any number lower than, say, 104 seems like an improvement after last week, the magic number here is 95. Why, you ask? Because above about 95 degrees, tomato plants (and to a lesser extent peppers and eggplant) drop their flowers and don’t set fruit. They’re happy to go ahead and grow and ripen the fruit that the set during more hospitable conditions, but above 95 degrees, they elect not to bring any more tomatoes into such a cruel, cruel world.

What that means for us is that, while we’ve been picking lots and lots of beautiful, delicious tomatoes that were set during the relatively cool (and by that I mean 90-94 degree) days of June and July, for the past few weeks, new ones weren’t getting put in line behind them at the rate they should have. That means we may have a bit of a drop-off in the quantity of tomatoes we’re getting in the next few weeks. There will still be some, of course, but perhaps not as many as any of us would like.

The good news is, now that the weather is starting to cooperate more, the tomatoes should kick it back into gear and start producing like crazy again soon. It just may be a little lean on the tomato front for a week or two in the meantime. We had this problem with the August heatwave last year, and while the tomatoes quit on us for a while, soon after the heat abated, we had wonderful tomatoes all throughout September.

This is all to say, if you like tomatoes (and we know that you do), keep praying for cooler, wetter weather!

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