Winter Harvest #2, November 1, 2011

In today’s harvest we have the following:

Spinach- this is the highlight of all winter shares if you ask me, I love our winter spinach, which is sweeter and has more heft than spring spinach, and is a delicious addition to any salad.

Head Lettuce- Magenta Summercrisp head lettuce, large delicious heads of lettuce, perfect for salad or lettuce wraps.

Bok Choi- Juicy delicious stir fry mainstay.

Bell peppers- red and green

Acorn Squash- We love to bake these with a little butter, and the flesh is super sweet. Conventionally grown from the Versailles Amish Produce Auction.

Ripe tomatoes- These might be the last of the season, we have a few more on the vine in the High tunnels, but I’m not sure they will ever ripen.
Sweet Potatoes- From Arkansas, conventionally grown, purchased last week in the bootheel by Dan Bigby.  Our sweet potato harvest was a little meager this year, and they are still curing in the greenhouse, so we will be supplementing our potatoes periodically with purchased taters.

Onions- candy variety, from the produce auction.  Grown conventionally by a farmer in Mountain Grove, we’ll get in to our stock next week, we need to eat these first, as they won’t last as long as ours.
Arugula-  a bag of juvenile arugula, which this time of year means that it’s sweeter and nuttier than in the summer. Whole shares only this week.

Pink Celebration Radishes- these giant radishes are great in a salad, and also great saute’d, pickled, or in a soup; check out our blog for great cooked radish recipes.

Mung Bean Sprouts- fantastic in a salad or a stir fry.

That’s the harvest for today. Michelle Bradley will be at the Homegrown Pickup tomorrow to sign people up for their workshare from 5-6pm.  We had a great time last week hosting a CSA member’s church group for a bonfire, and we are open to hosting more of these fun events, with hayrides, bonfire, and even square dancing available.  Let us know if you want more information.  Thanks for trusting us to be your farmers.


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