Winter CSA harvest #3, November 8, 2011

In today’s harvest you’ll find;

Spinach- this is the highlight of all winter shares if you ask me, I love our winter spinach, which is sweeter and has more heft than spring spinach, and is a delicious addition to any salad.

Head Lettuce- Magenta Summercrisp head lettuce, large delicious heads of lettuce, perfect for salad or lettuce wraps.

Bok Choi- Juicy delicious stir fry mainstay.

Bell peppers- red and green

Butternut squash; great in soup or try the butternut cornbread recipe on our blog.

Swiss chard- this is the white variety, they are all great for sauteing, or using in any recipe which calls for cooked greens.  you can also check our blog for a nice description of the benefits and history of chard.

Red potatoes from the Amish produce auction.

Onions- candy variety,from our fields, in storage in our cooler since July.

Pink Celebration Radishes- these giant radishes are great in a salad, and also great saute’d, pickled, or in a soup; check out our blog for great cooked radish recipes.

Leeks; very mild onion flavor, often used for potato leek soup.

Rhubarb; often considered a fruit, with a delightful sweet tart flavor.
Hope you enjoy the veggies,



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