A great day for the second to last day of February…

It’s another great day on the farm; the soil is warming, rain is on the way, onions are in the ground, beds are being shaped for the summer season, and we are off to a great start. We’ve got a new family on the farm, Eric and Trish and their family have moved onto the farm for the season. They are from Pittsburg, and are here to begin their new farming life by living and learning with us for a while. So if you see new faces on the farm, that’s why and who… It’s always exciting to get the season started, and part of that excitement is working with the crew, new and old, and getting into the rythyms that will shape our lives for the next 8 months. So we are grateful for spring, and the chance for renewal and restoration, new beginnings and the chance to improve on previous seasons. Hope you are enjoying the weather as much as I am.

Today’s harvest includes;


Baby lettuce mix


Japanese Turnips

Jerusalem Artichokes (small knobby roots, we have several recipes on the blog http://www.millsapfarms.com )

Sweet potatoes

Winter Squash



Hope you enjoy the veggies. Thanks for letting us be your farmers.


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