Harvest for March 6, 2012

Another spectacular spring day.  We’ve planted the first round of onions, approximately 7,000 plants, and we’ve still got a couple thousand more to plant before we’re done.  We’ve planted kale, lettuce, carrots, beets, arugula, and more baby lettuce.  We’ve spread several tons of composted poultry manure, and we’ll start planting fruit trees tomorrow morning; we’ve got about 100 trees and berry bushes to get in the ground over the next couple of days.  If anyone is just itching to get their hands dirty, and help dig a hole or two, feel free to come out and lend a hand in the next couple of days.  Today’s harvest looks good, with lots of great greens, and some nice root crops as well;


Baby lettuce

Head lettuce

japanese turnips

jerusalem artichokes

Rainbow chard

choice of two kinds of kale

Sweet potatoes

winter squash


Hope you enjoy the weather and the produce.  Thank you for letting us be your farmers.


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