harvest for March 20, 2012

The rains last night were great, just what we needed for the first day of spring, and not the floods which the folks west of us are receiving.  We are hopeful for a little more rain today and tomorrow, slow and steady to get those seeds to germinate and grow.  Meanwhile, the potatoes are in, the carrots, lettuce, radishes, arugula, turnips, and beets are seeded, and the first round of tomatoes will go into the high tunnel today and tomorrow, along with early cucumbers, eggplant, and bell peppers.   Spring has sprung…  In today’s harvest we have the following;


Head lettuce

Jerusalem Artichokes

Green onions

Sweet potatoes

Winter squash





Hope you have a great rainy day.



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2 Responses to harvest for March 20, 2012

  1. Lynda Roy says:

    Curtis, I would love to come by and pick up a box if you have one to spare. Tuesdays I am at Lighthouse Gang Homeschool Co-op until 4:30, then track practice at Willard High School from 5pm-7pm.
    Perhaps you can set aside a CSA box for me to pick up at 7:30pm, March 28th?
    Please email me to let me know.
    Lynda Roy

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