Harvest, April 10,2012

We’ve had a week of irrigation.  Not irritation, just irrigation.  We spent a large part of last week installing new buried waterlines at the head of each field, known as a header, to supply water to our drip irrigation system without worrying about mowing over it.  It’s one of those improvements which has been a long time coming, and will really make a big difference in the reliability of our water supply, which is directly linked to the reliability of our produce supply.  We also hosted a class from Drury on an educational tour, and they worked alongside us for an hour or so to help renovate some of our no till beds.   Then we went to farmers market on Saturday, and sold out.  We’ve never sold out before, but the market was incredible, the customers where enthusiastic, and the sales were hot.  All in all a great week at the farm.   Today you’ll have in your shares;


Baby Lettuce

Head lettuce



Zuccchini (home delivery shares this week, others next week)

Asparagus (Homegrown Food pick-up, others next week)

Sweet Potatoes

Winter squash (probably the last of this)

Green Garlic (like green onions, but garlicky)

Green Onions

I hope you’re enjoying the abundance of greens as much as we are.  Don’t forget to sign up for your summer share; Tomatoes are blooming in the high tunnels, and Cucumbers are setting fruit.

Thanks for letting us be your farmers,


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