Harvest, May 29, 2012

We’ve been about to melt out here on the farm, but fortunately, with our reduced acreage from last year, we’ve been able to keep everything watered well, and producing nicely, although that has meant running irrigation about 18 hours a day, shifting from field to field, for the past 3 weeks.  Due to the heat, and one set of deceased seedlings, we do have a gap in our lettuce supply this week, but other than that, the harvest should look familiar, with even more zucchini and squash and cucumbers.  Tomatoes are getting big on the vine, but probably still three weeks away for a CSA harvest.  Meanwhile, this week brings a return of broccoli, and cauliflower for the first time.   So in today’s harvest you will find:

All shares;



Spring onions


in whole shares only;


Cauliflower from the amish produce auction (conventionally grown)


Half shares only;

Broccoli from Dan Bigby at Fassnight Creek Farm (conventionally grown)


Fruit share will be strawberries or blackberries, depending on what Browns Berry Farm is able to pick tomorrow. 

 I hope you all are enjoying your veggies, and I can tell you that this is definitely the best spring season we’ve ever had.  See you tomorrow, and thanks for choosing us to be your farmers. 


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