Harvest for June 12, 2012

We weathered the storm yesterday with only a little damage here and there; one of the intern’s tents collapsed, and a small tree was uprooted, falling on a shed, and all the plants in the field were pushed, temporarily, to the ground, but no serious damage.  Meanwhile, the rain was a major relief, and we enjoyed the spectacle of the storm.
In everyones shares today;

Green onions,Squash, Lettuce, etc.

Squash/ Zucchini
Head Lettuce

Cilantro, Dill, and Basil
Kale or Chard
Green onions

Whole shares only;

Eggplant or Bell Pepper

Spring Greens

Hope you’re enjoying your veggies.  Rachael Kunzler has revamped our recipes on the blog, so check out our new recipe page at this link;  https://millsapfarms.wordpress.com/recipes/  There are recipes for every veggie we grow, so if you are stumped by something in your box, this is the place to figure it out.  See you at the farm.

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