Harvest for June 26, 2012

Summer has arrived, both officially with the summer solstice last week, and now with the temperatures in the nineties and headed higher by the end of the week.  Meanwhile, the harvest continues, and grows each week.  This week is a greens heavy week, so we can get the lettuce and arugula harvested before it gets bitter or tries to make seed.  We also have green beans again, only for whole shares this time, but there are lots more on the way.  

Lettuce, head or baby


Choice of Kale, Chard, or Collards

Tomatoes; still just out of the greenhouse, but we should start getting a lot out of our fields next week.  There will be some cherry tomatoes this week as a choice with slicers. 

Bell pepper

Green beans (whole shares only this week)


Bulb onions from Browns Berry farm

Italian Basil

Japanese Turnips; a great salad turnip, for slicing into a salad, or including in a stir fry


We’ll see you on the farm.


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