Harvest for July 3, 2012

The weather has been very hot and dry at the farm, as everywhere, for the last couple of weeks, but we recieved a providential 2″ rain on Sunday evening, which has restored vigor to any plants which were wilted, and kept us on track for great harvests. Today’s harvest includes many of the hallmarks of summer, such as peppers, squash, and cucumbers.  Our field tomatoes are still green, but we are starting to have more tomatoes from our tunnels, and within a couple of weeks you should start to see a drastic increase in the numbers of tomatoes included in your shares.
In today’s harvest:

Bell peppers; green, red, or purple; they all have that characteristic sweet bell pepper flavor.
Boc Choi;  crunchy, crisp, and delicious in a cold slaw or a stir-fry
Chard/Kale/Collards, choice whole shares only
Yellow squash
Green beans (whole shares only)
Cucumbers, Mostly from us, but also some from Gateway Farms about 3 miles up the road.
Basil, Thai or Italian
Onions, fresh small bulb onions, whole shares only.
Fruit share is Blueberries
Bread is Red White and Blue, with strawberries and Blueberries

Don’t forget there are eggs for sale at the farmstand from our friend, Drew Bradley, for $3.50/dozen, and if you have a stack of cartons or fruit containers, please bring them back, as we’ll re-use them.

I hope you have a great fourth of July, and enjoy your fresh veggies.


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