Harvest August 7, 2012

We had a very nice rain on Saturday evening, and with it we’ve had a wonderful cool-off, with daytime highs only in the mid to low nineties, and night time lows in the 60’s.  Much better weather for vegetables, and for farmers too.   Meanwhile, we are starting to experience some of the long term effects of drought and heat, with a major reduction in tomatoes, eggplant, and some other crops.  We’ll be supplementing some crops from the Amish Auction in Seymour for a while as we wait for our crops to recover some from the extreme weather. 

In today’s harvest;



Bulb onions

Colored Bell peppers




Hungarian Wax Peppers (hot)

zucchini; conventionally raised, from the auction.

Whole shares only;

Melons, either Canteloupe or Canary Melons from the amish


The following will be divided up as we can, based on how much we get out of the field, and other factors. 

Green beans

Potatoes, conventionally raised from the auction

Cabbage, naturally raised from Gateway Farms

Fruit share this week is Organic Grapes from Dove Mountain Vineyard in Mountain Grove, who produce the best grapes we’ve ever had. 

Enjoy the veggies, 


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