OzarksCRAFT is hosting a Free Integrated Pest Management workshop

Curtis of Millsap Farms helped start and run OzarksCRAFT which is an outreach to help educated those in the area that are interested in learning about sustainable farming.  There is a workshop this Thursday that is free and open for anyone interested!

Announcing an OzarksCRAFT workshop, this week on Integrated Pest Management.
OzarksCRAFT will be meeting at the Botanic Gardens at Nathaniel Greene Park in Springfield, MO,  this Thursday, September 6th, at 2pm.  Patrick Byers of the University of Missouri Outreach and Extension will be leading this Integrated Pest Management workshop. Integrated Pest Management means ways to control insect and disease pests.  This includes but is not limited to pest monitoring, control and avoidance.  Patrick will be touching on organic methods and conventional methods.

There will be about an hour of presentation, followed by time for questions, then a tour of demonstration gardens.  Hope you can join us, and feel free to post pass this on! You can call Curtis with questions.
Curtis and Sarah Millsap
Millsap Farm
Springfield MO
C 839-0847
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