Last Summer share Week 24

Tuesday is the last Summer CSA harvest for 2012.  It has been a very challenging season, with much less water than we needed, and very high temperatures, which dramatically decreased the tomato, green bean, lettuce, and carrot harvest.  On the other hand, we came through pretty well, as we were much better prepared for drought than last year, and I felt good about the quality and quantity in our shares.  I hope you’ve enjoyed your veggies, and just as importantly, that you have enjoyed your connection to our farm.  I know many of you are continuing with the winter CSA, which will have it’s first pick up on November 6.  If you are intending to sign up, but haven’t yet, please do it soon, as we are filling up quickly, and only have about 10 spots left in the winter CSA. Meanwhile, here’s the harvest for Tuesday.
Broccoli or cabbage  Conventionally raised, from Dan Bigby
Winter Squash from Rich Hill Missouri Mennonite produce growers (conventional)
Baby Lettuce
Bell Peppers
Cilantro/ Dill
Summer Squash
Japanese Turnips
Bulb Onions
I don’t know yet which things will be limited to either whole or half shares, although there will be several of these.  Hope  you enjoy the harvest.

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