Harvest for November 20, 2012

In the harvest this week we have:




All of the above are at least partially from Dan Bigby at Fassnight Creek Farms, and have been raised without synthetic fertilizer or pesticide.

Boc Choi


Carrots ready to be covered with row cover for winter.

Sweet Potatoes

Winter Squash

Red and Green Bell Peppers

Whole shares only;

Purple Top Turnips

Bulb Onions

Irish Potatoes (as opposed to sweet Potatoes


We will have extras of sweet potatoes, winter squash, bell peppers, turnips, and green onions for sale if you need more for a holiday feast, as well as some pasta and other specialties from Rountree Neighborhood Kitchen, and bread from Katiemade.   We look forward to seeing you tomorrow, and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving week.


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