Another fine work day here on the farm


Meet our youngest farmer- Reuben

Meet our youngest farmer-Reuben

We had wonderful weather for a February work day, and we completed many tasks.  Our team was made up of 5 CsA members, Curtis, Sarah and kids, and our wonderful farm man Ryan.

Soil Blocking-IMG_0195

Soil Blocking


Stand up blocker


  • we planted our spring seeds into blocks giving them a head start.  This involves mixing our soil in the cement mixer, dumping it out.  Using the soil blocker to block up the soil

moving chicken fence


Coop on the move

Moved the chickens (and duck) to new pasture. IMG_0183 IMG_0185

  •  Took down the chicken fence, moved it and put it back up.  Hauled the coop to the new site.  Chased the chickens back in and finished putting up the fence.IMG_0190 IMG_0194 IMG_0188






Summer High Tunnel site clean up-

  • in the fall we planted the spinach you are currently enjoying in the field directly east of our summer high tunnel site.  As weather cooled we pulled the high tunnel over the spinach leaving the summer site open to the winter weather.  We took the time today to clean this site up, which involved many tasks.

    Raspberry cane clean up

    Raspberry cane clean up

  • Raspberries-removed old cane, we grow primo-
    t post

    t post

    cane raspberries which means they fruit on a 1st year canes.  This makes cleaning them up for the next summer a lot easier.   We removed a variety we are not pleased with called Polana to make way for replanting with Jone J.  We found that we favor the size and flavor of Jone J this past summer. We also worked to  mulch the bed with wood chips to prevent weeds next summer.IMG_0221 IMG_0222

  • Tomatoes-cleaned up last summers tomato plants.  Today’s team cleaned up T posts and stakes by removing twine and stacking them.  We use the t post to hold up the tomato plants in the summer

We also weeded the winter high tunnel site.  This is an ongoing task.

Great day thanks to those of you who contributed!

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