Use those beet greens in your share today

Spring has sprung, and we are as busy as bees, planting and tilling, preparing for a big summer, and keeping the veggies flowing for the winter CSA. Our intern, Adam says, “The last week at the farm has been a good one. Spring is here and everything is starting to grow a little faster. The trees have buds, some are blossoming, flowers are coming out of the ground like magic, wasps are coming out, it’s getting warmer. It’s an exciting time. We are rushing to get fields prepped for planting and getting plants in the ground. We’ve filled up the Rye Field completely with transplants and a few direct seeded rows. Lots of cabbage, lettuce, kale, carrots and the like. The transformation of the farm is neat. High tunnels have been moved, the ground in being tilled, no-till beds are piling up with straw, green is becoming the dominant color again and the smell of turkey litter floods the air. It’s a beautiful thing.”

The leaves of root vegetables are often edible, but they’re often overlooked. They either get thrown away, composted, or perhaps used for stock, but they’re can be ingredients in their own right. Try one of these with your beets or radish tops:

1-Beet Greens and Feta Pasta – Wilted beet greens, sauteed onions and garlic, along with a little pasta water make a simple sauce for Penne pasta that’s topped with Feta.
2-Grilled Goat Cheese Pizza with Figs, Beets, and Wilted Greens – Sweet figs and tangy goat cheese pair with beets and their greens on this pizza that’s perfect now that we’re all firing up our grills.
3-Lemon and Butter Braised Beet Greens – Simple and quick, this side dish comes together in less than 10 minutes.
4-Spicy Beet Green Crostini – Beet greens are sauteed with red chile pepper flakes and garlic, then placed on top of toasted baguette slices.
5-Salad of Edible Radish, Beet & Carrot Top Greens – This no-waste recipe uses the tops from three different root vegetables and tops them with a vermouth vinaigrette. Add any other salad topping you like.

Do you make use of your beet greens or the greens from other root vegetables? What’s your favorite way to prepare them.

Here is your share:

Green onions (bundled)

Sweet Potatoes




Pea shoots

Whole Share only

Head Lettuce

Green Garlic



Leaf Lettuce

Jerusalem Artichokes

We’re looking forward to the spring potluck, scheduled for 5:00 p.m. May 4. Come one, come all, bring the family, friends, anyone you want. We’ll have hayrides, bonfire, fresh bread from the pizza oven, farm tours, and more than anything else, a chance to hang out on the farm.

See you at the farm.

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