Pizza pizza, Thursday pizza with Pomme De Terre music

We still have tickets available for pizza night; we’ll have live music, by Pomme De Terre, and four different types of fantastic pizza, along with delightfully cool weather and lots of interesting folks to visit with. If you’d like to join us, please call, e-mail, or text (Sarah at 417-773-1989) by lunch time so we can be sure to prep enough dough, veggies, etc., for everyone. The price is $10/per adult, $5/ child 6-12, 6 and under free, and a per family max of $38. We have water for free, soft drinks for sale, and you’re welcome to bring beer or wine or your drink of choice.

We have our friends, Pomme De Terre preforming tonight, Pomme De Terre combines Zach’s thoughtful songwriting, straightforward guitar style, and passionate voice with the transcendent sound of Elli’s violin and her harmonizing vocals.



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