Summer is still here

ummer is still in full swing on the farm, with a full harvest of summer’s bounty, and just the tiniest peak at fall with some greens. We’ve got lots going on this week, with pizza oven building, constructing a new cold storage space for winter squash and sweet potatoes, more fall seeding, and the usual harvests and distributions. Keeps us hopping… Meanwhile, in your share this week;

Canteloupe, fresh from the bootheel yesterday via Dan Bigby from Fassnight Creek Farm, conventionally grown

Tomatoes; mostly from our farm, with some slicers from the produce auction, conventionally grown

Eggplant; super for eggplant parmesan

Bell peppers

Cucumbers, small ones from Echigo farm, larger from Millsap Farms


Half shares only;

Summer Squash or zucchini

choice of Green Beans or Lettuce

Whole Shares only;

Green Beans, some from Urban Roots Farm, some from Millsap Farm, some from Fassnight creek farm

Green onions



Cherry tomatoes

Choice of Okra or Asian long beans

Bread Share is Sourdough

Fruit share is Apples or Grapes.

We hope you enjoy your veggies.

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