Thursday pizza night at Millsap Farm with Jody Bilyeu

The weather is expected to be pleasant and the pizza delicious and Jody Bilyeu will share his music with us, so we hope you can join us. Once again this week we are making pizza for our Dancing Pizza fan club. Someone asked, do we get to dance, well dancing is wonderful, but the name comes from the fact that the pizza has to dance to slide off the pan and into the oven. So we are all happy when our pizzas “dance”. If you want to join us just shot us an email or call Sarah at 417-773-1989 (text are fine). Make sure to include your name and let us know how many to expect in the Free 0-3 age, $5 4-12 age range and $10 for adults. Hope you have a great day, and an even better Thursday topped off with Pizza. If you want more information go to our blog





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