Harvest for 17th

Greetings from a pleasantly cool and wet farm.  We are very relieved to see the cool wet weather for a few days, as we are seeding spinach and other cool weather crops, and trying to get weeds to germinate in the winter high tunnel sites, so we can till them under.  In today’s harvest we have lots of summer veggies, and the first harbingers of fall; sweet potatoes and winter squash.

In the boxes today;

Sweet Potatoes, conventionally grown from Arkansas

Acorn squash, conventionally grown by the Amish at Rich Hill, MO

Spring salad mix- a delightfully zingy mix of asian greens, great for salads.

Green Beans- some conventional from Fassnight Creek, some organic from Urban Roots

Tomatoes; heirlooms and hybrids, fewer in number than some weeks, but fantastic flavors.

Whole Shares only:

Summer Squash/ Zucchini

Egg Plant ( Italian or Asian)


Okra or Asian Yard-long Beans

Bell Peppers

 Fruit Share is choice of Concord Grapes or Jonathon Apples.

 Bread share is Parmesan Rosemary Boule.

Enjoy the cool weather.



Tim says, “As you know, I LOVE my Millsap Farms’ CSA!! Yesterday’s delivery is proof-positive of why I look forward to seeing what is in our bin. We got Delicious Apples, Radishes, Acorn Squash, Yellow Squash, a Big Bag of Mixed Salad Greens, Japanese Eggplant, Slicing Tomatoes, Dill, Eggplant, Bell Peppers, Chinese Long Beans, a Big Bag of Green Beans, and Sweet Potatoes. How easy was it to plan dinners this week? What a Treat!”

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    Looks and sounds great!

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