One WWOOF-ers view of her stay here at Millsap Farm

Farm Management 101 by Anastasia King Jaress on December 13, 2013 in Farming, Sustainability

We spent the last two weeks of September at Millsap Farms, an idyllic patchwork of fields and greenhouses about 20 minutes north of downtown Springfield, MO. Curtis and Sarah Millsap run the farm with help from their nine children plus various interns, CSA members, WWOOFers and farmhands. (Yes, I said nine, all of whom are girls but for one baby boy!) I’m not sure if it was the perfect combination of timing, personalities and farm biz or what have you, but my experience there crystallized certain lessons I was just beginning to learn about farm management, encouraging fertility and building community.

Farm hands of all stripes spend a sunny afternoon in fields of greens.
Millsap Farms consists of about two acres of garden fields and several hoop- and green-houses, all of which are packed with food. And for good reason! In addition to their own large family, the Millsaps are feeding 90+ families through their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture – it’s like a subscription for fresh food), the farm interns, work-traders AND the folks at the bustling Farmers Market of the Ozarks each Saturday. It’s an amazing operation!

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