Bringing home a winter harvest

It looks like we are in a warming trend, slowly but surely this week. We are super excited, because the gray, extremely cold weather this winter has really reduced our winter growth in our high tunnels and greenhouses. We’ve still managed to fill your boxes, but it has been harder than usual; we’ve burned more wood this winter than the last three combined! All that to say, we are excited to have some sun and some warmth… Meanwhile, a few more days of frigid temperatures, including today’s harvesting weather.

In today’s harvest;

Butternut or Spaghetti squash, conventionally grown by amish farmers near Rich Hill MO.

Head Lettuce, Hydroponically grown by Young Family Farm, just 3 miles from our farm.

Sweet Potatoes, Conventionally grown in Jonesboro AR.

Red Candy Onions, from our fields, harvested in the summer, stored in the cooler since then.

Purple Top Turnips

Wholes and Halves


Chinese Cabbage, Organically Grown by Happy Hollow Farm in Jamestown MO.

20140211-234200.jpgWholes Only;

Fingerling Potatoes

Pea Shoots

Japanese Turnips (great on a salad)

We’re putting more seeds in the seedling trays daily, with the greenhouse quickly filling with baby plants. Remember to sign up for summer CSA soon if you haven’t. Thanks for letting us be your farmers.


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