Beef shares now available.

We are please to offer a beef share again this summer.

The beef share is genuine grass finished Highland Beef, which is known for it’s flavor, lean nature, extra high protein, and low cholesterol (actually lower than chicken in tests).  These cattle are raised entirely on forage, and are free of pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics.   Emmanuel and Lydia Schwartz, an Amish couple from Eldorado Springs, raise these great cattle, and are offering up to 5 shares of beef this summer.  The beef share will include 6 distributions this summer; May 27, June 24th, July 29, August 26th, September 23th, and October 21st.

In May and August you will receive:

2 Ribeye steaks

2 Boneless sirloin steaks

Rump roast

10 lbs of ground beef

In June and September you will receive:

Highland cattle

2 Round Steak

Arm Roast

4 lbs of stew meat

10 lbs of ground beef

In July and October you will receive:

2 K.C. Strip Steak

1 chuck roast

4 lbs ground beef

10 lbs of beef patties

All together over 100lbs of top quality beef, total price is $600


To purchase any of these options, follow this link if you are not already a Summer CSA member;

If you are already a Summer 2013 Membership, use this link to add  to your membership;

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