Thursday Night Pizza Club is Hot, Jimmy Rea will be here, get your tickets early!

Thank you all for your support this summer, we are rolling around here, and we really appreciate how much all of you share Millsap Farm happenings with your friends. This Thursday we are in the dough again, and this time to the sounds of Jimmy Rea.  Hope you can come out and join us, we would love to see you.  To get tickets for our wood-fired pizza-eating good-time just go to .  For full information go to



Jimmy Rea

Here is some info from Jim Rea Music

My Story

I was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri, and have deep roots in the music community. Born into rock-n-roll, guitar was introduced to me around the age of 10. I’ve always been drawn to many different kinds of music and instruments. Bass guitar and drum kit were a natural second choice, and the keyboard quickly followed. Traveling the country after high school, I accepted and embraced the fact that music must be my lifetime goal. I attended Missouri State University and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Electronic Arts/Music, and completed my Masters Degree in Educational Media Technology in 2009. I began scoring music for film and exploring live performance as a career. This included bluegrass, funk, jazz and many different cover bands. Writing and arranging music is what I enjoy most; composing songs on saxophone, violin, among other instruments. After eight years, I’ve retired from individual teaching at Palen Music Center and am on the road performing with the HillBenders. I also enjoy part-time work at Drury University as chief audio engineer working with countless amateur and professional artist as engineer, producer, and friend.

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